Our story

Once upon a time
Mummy started growing a little bean
But a happy, steady 9 months
were not as they would seem...

It was early May
and late one night
Mummy and Daddy awoke
with an awful fright

Rushing to the hospital
thinking how can this be
Waters shouldn’t break
it’s far too early you see

Baby will be premature
that doesn’t mean it’s now
24 week baby is doing just fine
she’ll get through some how

One week later came
‘twas the 13th May
Baby needs to come
and it has to be today

A couple of hours later
a tiny baby cry
103 days early
how will the time go by?

Coming home that August
2017 was the year
Looking back at what we went through
some days we lived in fear

Daddy made a picture
for Mummy, Mother’s Day
Love Nova was the message
designed a clever way

A few more pictures made
for baby friends so dear
Led to more development
and NovaLoves is here

Born 15 weeks too early
we needn’t say no more
Here to share our story
and what we’re doing this for

We’ve made a range of art
to personalise to you
More will come in future
or can be made bespoke too

We love to create & inspire
and brighten up a day
Prints for all the family
or whatever you throw our way

We want to help the preemies
it’s the least that we can do
So 15% of each sale
will go to TMBU



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